From Nov. 14 – April 30 Mendocino Sprouts runs a “Grow to Order” CSA (community supported agriculture) service in order to provide customers with a weekly supply of fresh, locally grown sprouts and freshly picked salad greens.
Check out the information on this page and order by using the form below or by giving us a call at  707–964-3409.
  • Sprouts – (All varieties) $3/1 – 4 oz. bag – Weights vary according to variety.
  • Bulk Sprouts – $10/Lb  (All varieties except sunflower sprouts)
  • Bulk Sunflower Sprouts – $12.50/Lb.  Bulk sunflower sprouts must be ordered 3 weeks in advance!
  • Greens – $4/6 oz.bag…..Weight is approximate.
  • Mila – $55/16oz. ….. $15/4oz. or  $3/single serving – Discounts available for preferred customers, click here for more Info.
  • Mendocino Sprouts runs a “Grow to Order ” CSA. No commitments, applications or monthly payments! You can order as much or as little as you need to. There are no minimum requirements for orders. If you can order, pick up and pay for your sprouts you can be a member. 
  • ***IMPORTANT!*** CSA orders MUST be received exactly one week before your pick up date. This is necessary to ensure that I have the time to grow the amount of sprouts necessary for your order.
  • Orders may be called in or submitted on line using the form below.

Orders may be picked up each Weds., between 10am & 1pm at:

The Caspar Community Center
15051 Caspar Road  
Caspar, CA  


We are not set up to receive payments online. Your order may be paid for in cash or by check when you pick it up at the Caspar Community Ctr. top

CSA Order Form

  • To order sprouts by the bag type in the amount that you would like to order in the box provided. 
    Example: If you type  “3” in the alfalfa sprouts box you will receive bags of alfalfa sprouts
  • To order sprouts by the pound please specify “Lbs.” on the form.  
    Example: If you type  “2 Lbs..” in the alfalfa sprouts box you will receive pounds of alfalfa sprouts.
  • CSA orders are available between Nov. 14 – April 30 ONLY.