The Mighty Sprout Newsletter – #2

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Hello Sprout Fans,

Winter has arrived all wild, wet and windy. Some of the newer plantings of lettuce got a bit battered, but most survived valiantly  For all it’s been through, the garden is doing great!

Big News!

Many of the farmers and friends from the northern Mendocino coast summer farmers markets have gotten together and formed a collective to put on an indoor winter market at the Caspar Community Center in order to continue providing fresh local foods, local music, local arts and local fine crafts to our community. We chose Caspar, as it is half way between Mendocino and Fort Bragg, and will serve both communities.

The Caspar Winter Market will take place every Wednesday Between noon and 2pm. It will run between December 5, 2012 through April 4, 2013. After that, we’ll return to the regular summer farmers market schedule from May through October, 2013.

I will be there with my sprouts and Susie’s super salad mix, as well as sprout salads that will be available for those wanting a delicious lunch.

More Big News

Mendocino Sprouts is growing a new branch. In response to thinking globally and acting locally, I’ve decided to start a non-profit part of Mendocino Sprouts. It is: Sprout Aid International, aimed at producing and delivering Sprout Aid packages (kits) to people facing food shortages and starvation in areas on the planet hit by natural disasters or droughts.

Sprout Aid bags can be rinsed and hung to grow in tents or in almost any home…from start to finish. Organic beans and seeds can be grown in a matter of days, thus people can grow nutrient-packed food for themeslves and their families until they get back on their feet. Successive sproutings will keep people fed. This project should greatly boost the morale of the people needing this service, as well as fill their bellies. They will be able to take pride in quickly producing wholesome food for their families. One requirement for this to happen is that we must work in tandem with those who bring  or produce potable water in these areas, as safe water grows safe, edible, nutritious sprouts. With the availibility of safe water and nutritious sprouts, no one needs to suffer from starvation.

This is a huge project, and it’s currently in its early stages of development. I will need all the help I can get in the forms of monetary donations and volunteer work. If any of you out there are interested in participating in this project, please contact me at

Well, that’s the news for now. Eat fresh greens and fresh sprouts and stay healthy!

Be Well,